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New Coalition Forms to Fight Recreational Pot Legalization

Monday January 25, 2022 – (St. Paul) A large and growing group of business and social organizations, co-led by the Minnesota Trucking Association, today announced the formation of a new coalition to call attention to the societal costs of the legalization of recreational marijuana.

The group, Minnesotans Against Marijuana Legalization (MAML), organized a kickoff news conference via ZOOM today (recording below) where it called on state lawmakers to carefully understand the full impacts of what legalization would mean to the state’s economy and social fabric.

The group was formed in response to passage of a legalization bill by the Minnesota House of Representatives in the 2021 Minnesota Legislative Session. While the State Senate did not take action on the bill in 2021, the proposal is still alive and could be considered again in the 2022 session which starts next week.

The coalition points out that marijuana use leads to a host of public health, public safety and economic consequences that need to be fully understood by lawmakers before passing the bill.

According to MAML, research shows that recreational marijuana legalization would likely lead to:

· Increased homelessness

· Higher government spending, particularly on problematic public health issues

· Loss of productivity

· Higher violent crime rates

· Loss of Potential

· Workplace Safety Costs

· Rising Business Costs

· Increased Housing Costs

The coalition has also launched a new website where the public can learn more about the dangers of recreational marijuana legalization, read the research backing up the group’s claims and find out who is part of the coalition. Visit:

For more information contact: Mark Kulda, Vice President of Public Affairs, Insurance Federation of Minnesota. (651) 303-8904 (cell)

Watch the news conference announcing the formation of the coalition below:

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